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EG ClamNet Antivirus Version:

  is opensource, simple and user friendly antivirus software for Windows OS that uses ClamAV as an internal scanning engine to detect trojans, viruses, malware and other known malicious threats. It can be installed on the existing default windows antivirus (Windows Defender) and compatible with it as extra protection.  

1) Antivirus & Internet Security: EG ClamNet Antivirus is powered by ClamAV which has fast scanning, detects over 9 millions viruses, malware, worms and trozens. It also protects from MS Office macro viruses, mobile malware, other threats (including known ransomware). 

2) Cleaner: EG ClamNet Antivirus has an additional feature of effective cleaning of junk files. With this feature you can optimize your system, increase memory space and system speed by cleaning junk files like Temporary files/folders, IE Cache, IE Cookies, IE History, Other Browser`s Cache And History, Recycle Bin Contents, IE Address Bar History, Recent Documents History, Run History. Cleaning such junk files improves your system's security and speed-up your system.

Note: As ClamAV uses huge virus signature database for searching virus in a file, so 1GB or 2GB RAM is not efficient for ClamAV because of out of memory issue, so atleast 4GB and recommended 8GB of RAM.

    Supported Platform

Microsoft Windows >=7

File Size

57 MB (Approx.)

Minimum RAM Requirement

4 GB (8 GB Recommended)

Minimum Disk Space Requirement

10 GB (20 GB Recommended)