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EG ClamNet Antivirus


New version of EG ClamNet Antivirus (EGCNAV2) for Windows & Linux.
It's development is still in progress. Checkout here.

Latest Updates [31 Mar, 2023]:

EGClamAV frequent update bug resolved.


Latest Updates [05 Mar, 2023]:

ClamAV version 1.0.1 added, minor bugs fixed.

Updates [08 Feb, 2023]:

Frequently update bug fixed.

Updates [07 Feb, 2023]:

EG ClamNet Antivurs is updated. It is recommended to update the antivirus with the latest release available.
If you are facing any issue in update, please consider to download update and run to update.
If you installed EG Free Antivirus or EG ClamNet Antivirus, it is strongly recommended to upgrade.
To upgrade, download setup file and simply run, it will be installed and any old version will simply be upgraded.

Following changes are made in new upgrade or setup:

1) ClamAV version (0.105.1) integrated.
2) Automatic Software Updates feature added. (no need to manually download Update and run).
3) Real-time scan is improved.
4) Custom scan improved.
5) Memory scan added in Quick Scan.
6) Minor bug fix.